Frenz would like to acknowledge the following articles which have made our website a more credible for all things France-New Zealand, and of course, to their authors who have dedicated time and effort to putting the beauty of these countries’ friendship to words.

We highly recommend you also to spend time on each one, as they are all fascinating and informative in their ways. If you’d like to go back to history or perform some astral travel while reading, here’s our list.

(Note: Please do not forget our blog is an incredible resource, too. -Editor)

1. New Zealand Foreign Affairs and Trade


The best way to learn about New Zealand, aside from history and geography books, is through a website by its government. Read through this educational site, and you’ll find out a lot of things about its people, government, different embassies and of course, its foreign affairs and trade. There’s so much to learn about New Zealand, including its history with France.

2. New Zealand-France Friendship Fund

Owners dedicate this site for the New Zealand-France Friendship Fund established and mutually agreed on by both countries in 1991. This online resource also shows previous and current projects the fund supports and is available in English and French languages.

3. France Diplomatie


If you need another reputable site that tells you about a thousand things about France, then skim through their government website. Whatever you need to know is almost always available on their website in English, from foreign policies to foreign affairs to everything else French.

These are just three sites to spend some time on if you’re interested about France and New Zealand, just like us. If you happen to speak French or Maori, good for you. However, for those who are limited to English as of this time, the above sites are our closest bet.